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Malartic Qc, Northern Star Mining Vent and Emergency Egress Shafts

Project Description

Construct (drill) 2,  60” Steel pipe lined vent shafts through 55’ of overburden and 50’ of bedrock.
Install 2  64”OD  steel pipe casing through the 55’ of clay overburden with the crane and vibratory hammer. Drill 60” diameter shaft 50’ into the bedrock through the 64” steel liner to the competent rock.
Install 58” OD steel pipe casing  into the 60” drilled rock hole and grout in place.


Foremost DR610C Drill  -  Auger and clean-out overburden material from 64” pipe liner.
Foremost DR40 Drill  -  Drill rock socket with 60” down the hole Cluster drill.
12000 Manitowoc 120 Ton Crane  -  Drive 64” casing with vibro, hoisting pipes and assisting drills with drill accessories.
ICE Model 44-65 Vibratory Driver/Extractor
Chem-Grout CG-500 - Grout Machine

Project Information

Project location is the Malartic-Midway mine site which is between Malartic Quebec and Val d’Or Quebec on Route 117.

Construction start-up was May 3rd 2010.