PGCL: 580 New Vickers St., Thunder Bay, Ontario (807) 623-2626
Colwood Refueling Facility

Project Description

Supply and install 57  48” Concrete filled steel pipe piles with rock sockets.
Form and Pour 19 Concrete pile cap piers.


4000 Manitowoc 150 Ton Crane  -  Vibrate down 57 48” steel pipe casings to bedrock. Clean out casing pipe with hammer grab clam. General hoisting pipe lengths and assisting drill with down hole hammer and drill strings.
Foremost DR40 Drill  -  Drill rock sockets.
4100 Manitowoc 150 Ton Crane  -  Hoisting forms and re-inforcing steel, general hoisting pipes and cement pours.
966 Cat Loader  -  Material handling
345 Cat excavator   -  Material handling , moving Barges
Boom truck 22ton  -  Hoisting
Miscellaneous  equipment  -  Barges, workboats, compressors, welders

Project Information

The project location was Canadian Forces Base, Esquimalt Harbour on Vancouver Island near Victoria, British Columbia.
12 of the piles required a 2.5 meter 48”diameter rock socket, the remaining 45 piles required a 1.75 meter 36” diameter rock socket.
The construction started February 4th 2002 and continued until the end of December 2003.
All work was done in the harbour water off barges, the working site water depth ranged from shore to a 50’ depth.
The pile lengths ranged from 20’ close to shore to 250’ in some deep areas.
4 of the piers where located in a brecciated rock zone. The piles for these piers required an extra 10 meter depth of lined rock socket.